Proactive Cyber Threat Awareness for Enhanced Asset, Network and Infrastructure Security

We offer a cyber risk assessment framework designed to perform real-time background analytics on your network infrastructure without disruption or downtime. Save On Dev integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow to produce cyber risk assessment templates and reports that reveals threats, breaches and inefficiencies for a time-and-cost-effective remediation of security risks.

Organizations rely on cyber security software to block incoming threats when they occur — but is it enough?

In a world where cyber threats are always evolving, a cyber security risk assessment report can help organizations detect vulnerabilities, minimize risks and stay ahead of potential breaches before they wreak havoc on your network.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Risks with Real-Time Visibility and Threat Monitoring

Save On Dev offsets cybersecurity risks with comprehensive attack surface visibility and analysis for invaluable insights that result in secure networking environments, increased productivity and streamlined network performance.

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Security Insights and Much More

Save On Dev offers more than just network data security — with organization-wide upturns in performance and productivity a common feature of framework implementation.

Application, Program and Device Security

Detect security risks and potential channels of compromise through malware, botnet, phishing and other breaching systems that leave your network exposed via apps, programs and devices.

Enhanced Productivity

With an insightful analysis of app usage and inbound data, organizations can monitor and administrate peer-to-peer, social media and various apps that may be cluttering your network and increasing security risks.

Performance Optimization

Monitor and optimize usage of throughput, session and bandwidth in peak hours and off-peak hours for a secure and high-performance network.

Cyber Threat


The best services

Cloud Security Stack

With automated asset discovery and risk prioritization of inventory across your entire cloud stack, you can analyze and detect security risks associated with cloud infrastructure, hosting, apps and containers thanks to APIs that appear in your workflows and security interface for seamless auditing.

Unified Threat Analysis and Response

Receive threat alerts and notifications across an integrated platform of network tools and communication apps where developers and security specialists can collaborate via system-wide observability and unification.

Observability Data and Visualization at Your Fingertips

Analyze and investigate active and potential cyber threats without having to index or log data entries while transitioning between apps, events and other data points using customizable signals such as security filters, levels and IPs seamlessly.

Systematic Penetration Tests

Simulated cyber security breaches with Save On Dev offer actionable insights into security weaknesses and help calibrate network systems and assets with the latest vulnerability exploits, technology and practices. Our comprehensive penetration tests cover multiple stages of security compromise across apps, networks, devices and various endpoints to obtain access and escalate clearance to vital information and systems. With strategic planning and execution, a penetration test allows for flexible parameters that ensure a realistic review of security vulnerabilities across all stages of the penetration sequence from discovery and infiltration to clearance escalation and data extraction. Our remediation process ensures that any exposed vulnerabilities are addressed, modified and retested until former areas of weakness become a feature of security strengths.

Deep Data Visibility

Scan thousands of standard and non-standard ports while automatically detecting dozens of protocols; access a vast store of active and inactive TLS Certificates under indexed fields, and perform deep scans customized to individual services for an inclusive and accurate cyber threat assessment all with a single dashboard.

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