didya + Amazon Cloud

Chatbots as Virtual Nannies for kids

How did ya? –  a startup company – created conversational bots that mommies can speak with, without breaking the bank.

Chatbot Challenge

1 Week

To get a prototype up and running


The cost to build the bot

their story

No parent likes arguing with their kids. Sadly, when chores and other responsibilities are involved, that’s exactly what happens. As parents, the founding team of didya dreamed of Zen like peace within their homes while making sure that the kids do what their supposed to.

their goal

As a start-up, didya founders had limited amount of resources to spend and needed to bring a working solution into the hands of users quickly.

They wanted an application which lets parents of gamers assign tasks to their kids which will be monitored by an Intelligent Chatbot. It’s like having your very own Virtual Nanny around that can instill a deeper sense of responsibility and discipline to your kids.

their solution

The first thing that kids do when they get home is fire up their devices, this can often to lead to procrastination and poor overall habits. The chatbot feature of Didya can lock down their devices until they finish the tasks that their parents entered in the family calendar. Once the kids accomplish their tasks, parents can restore access even remotely through a simple command to the chatbot. No arguments required! (Shocking, we know!)

Services Used

Software Development


Amazon Lex

Amazon Lambda

Amazon EC2

Google Voice Recognition


Mongo, Express, Angular, Node

their success

didya bot is successfully deployed.  At a toal of $1,800 their cost was well below their budget.

The idea of being able to issue a command to a program by simply conversing with it through voice or text is entirely revolutionary. Chatbots, like the many game changing inventions before it will certainly impact how people live their lives. Right now, it’s already changing how companies interact with their customers. Restaurants, for example are using chatbots to increase customer engagement and making the ordering process more convenient and interactive. Even Students are using chatbots to help with their homework and other school related tasks.

According to Business Insider, 80% of businesses will want chatbots by 2020. Interested? Why wait? We’ve taken the cost out of the equation, we can get started in 1-3 days. Contact us now to know more!