Pharma Co CFO+ Power BI

Financial Reporting Solution

How a pharma company turned the tables on an Excel based reporting in favor of a secure Microsoft power BI solution, without breaking the bank.

their story

Our customers frequently find themselves under pressure to improve customer service and satisfaction in an environment where operational complexity is on the rise. This story is about how the CFO and the Controller office of a multinational pharmaceutical company to partnered with save on digital to design an end-to-end solution that will manage the their monthly Bi Financial Reporting and Sales reporting.

their goal

The company was collecting profitability data from 15 different office locations.  Once the profitability Excel sheets were prepared by the entities and shared for further processing, data was manually reconciled (using Excel) with the figures from SAP-BO-FC and then fed into MIK, a standalone desktop app installed on each user’s PC to populate the cubes for Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cost of Sales Statements. Using the MIK-Functions, Excel reports would then be prepared and shared with Management. Each round of data consolidation took about 2 weeks and was very error prone.

They needed an end-to-end solution that would provide massive savings in both time and infrastructure costs while optimizing processing time with less errors and with increased satisfaction of internal and external users.

their solution

The team at save on digital came up with a simple yet powerful solution of 3 future-proof functional, scalable and secure layers that will handle web login and data reporting interface, data storage and data visualization. These replace any local clients users are running on their desktops and ensures all users have a single view of the data.  Cubes are defined on top of the sales/cost data

Microsoft PowerBI Dashboards and reports that connect to the data warehouse are used for multi-perspective views and actionable insights, based on management roles.

As a secondary reporting mechanism, Excel reports were configured to connect directly to the Data Warehouse cubes and generate reports.


Mision-Critical Business Process Automation

Services Used

Software Development


Web interface: Cloud based responsive Web application developed with C#, ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server, Entity Framework, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap.

Data Warehouse: SQL Server for the setup of Data Warehouse. Use of SSIS to transform and load the data from Web-Application Transaction Database into Data Warehouse. Use of SSAS to define, Process and access Cube Data.

Data visualization & reporting: Power Bi Financial Reporting and Excel

their success

  • Monthly saving of ½ FTE to run the process
  • Yearly saving of 1 Month FTE in modifying the reports
  • Overall solution deployed over cloud, providing lot of saving in infrastructure costs.
  • Faster delivery of consolidated data <1 day
  • Enhanced decision making capability and high availability of data
  • WebApp & Reports compatible with Mobile and PDA.

We’ve helped reimagine their financial data aggregation and bi financial reporting process.

The company now has Its sales reporting and data retrieval from 15+ offices, consolidation and profit elimination on multiple grouping at Entity/Market level. Followed by consolidation of P&L, BS and CF with their accounting system.

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