Why Save-On-Dev?

Hybrid Deep Dive Analysis

Unlike a solely automated source code review process, a source code check from Save On Dev involves a hybrid deep dive using a combination of both manual and automated tools to scan, inspect and identify security flaws in the entirety of your code structure with line-by-line analysis of sensitive parameters and functions.

Fast and Cost-Effective

A source code review checklist and certification is a practical alternative to penetration testing and produces rapid results in the form of actionable source code review guidelines that are personalized to your app.

Source Code Due Diligence for Successful App Launch, SaaS Investment, Merger & Acquisition

A source code deep dive with Save-On-Dev allows companies and investors to exercise insightful due diligence that reveals flaws in an application’s code prior to investment, launch or business maneuvers. When time and cost are of the essence, your app should be fortified and ready to endure a dynamic cyber security environment while meeting your business objectives. 

Our end-to-end services are customized to fit the code under review and can reveal productivity hurdles in development while identifying and mitigating code risks. We not only identify weak spots and security errors, but align our systems to your platform and industry for source code solutions tailored to your unique business goals. Source code review with Save-On-Dev can assist in the estimation of code value and create room for improvement within limited time-frames, budgets and restricted security policies common in merger and acquisition scenarios.

Comprehensive Source Code Review Report

Not only will you receive a thorough report of our source code review detections, but all vulnerabilities are accompanied by a detailed process of code remediation, practice analysis, and future security and business implications.

Developer-Level Source Code Solutions

As experienced app developers, we speak your language and offer tailored solutions to code security flaws that not only safeguard your current product — but can result in enhanced future iterations and coding practices.

Development Collaboration

Whether you’re looking for a standalone source code review or a collaboration that achieves optimized code security in your software development lifecycle, Save-On-Dev offers source code review services that integrate seamlessly with your organization.

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How it Works?

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