Smarter Farming through IOT

According to a forecast in a study conducted by IBM, the IOT will increase food production by 70% by the year 2050. The internet of things (IOT) or the interconnection of computing devices within everyday objects in order to get valuable and actionable data is seen as a game changer to one of the most unpredictable industries that has ever exited; farming.

By using sensors, farmers can actually monitor (Through a smartphone) soil moisture, crop and lifestock growth and even weather conditions. This “precision farming” method provides the farmer a greater degree of control by giving him real time valuable data or “predictive analytics” that helps him makes better strategic decisions and maximize yields.

In another study by OnFarm, an IOT farm management platform, Farms using IOT have yield’s rise by 1.75%, energy costs dropped $7 to $13 per acre, and water use for irrigation fell by 8%. They also expect the average farm to generate an average of 4.1 million data points per day in 2050, up from 190,000 in 2014.

Saveondev is rapidly enhancing its capabilities with IOT. Initially working with Smart Yields , a company which Hawaii Governor David Ige, stated as ” .. a prime example of helping our farmers and Creating an innovation economy right at home.” to store, analyze and display agriculture sensors data on google maps, in our current project, we are now monitoring mushroom cultivation using sensors, arduino and MQTT.

Apart from trying to save the world population from hunger, we also develop cost efficient but top of the line software products. We make MVP’s in as little as 0-3 days! Now we’ve even taken the cost out of the equation. Email us now to get started on your next disruptor!

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